... on „hygieneprofi.biz“. here you will find a large-scale online product range regarding the subject of hygiene supplies for sanitary facilities, the hospitality industry, industrial companies and individuals.
From handdryers up to cleaning machines, baby changing tables and children's furniture up to disinfecting-refills and disposable gloves. We have been delivering quickly and reliably to thousands of satisfied customers for over 15 years!

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Hygiene accessories, lifestyle products, hygiene products & sanitary accessories for the hospitality and catering industry, industrial company's and privat persons. Already more than 15 years!

We are delivering all kinds of hygiene products and sanitary items for over 15 years. Personal care and cleaning products such as hygiene-dispensers and integrated appliances for industrial companies, hospitals, public facilities, baby and toddler playgroups and private housholds. Airports, hotels, food manufacturers and fast food companies are also a big part of our customers. Of course we also deliver to numerous associations, organizers, gas stations, garages, architects and cleaning companies, which use us as there main supplier for the daily hygiene necessities. Our service consists mainly of providing competitive prices, expert advice, a fast ordering process and fast delivery.

Our focus lies primarily on:

Babies and children

We offer a wide range of children's furniture, children's stackable chairs, fences and stair gates, children's play furniture for indoors and outdoors, toddler and baby boxes but especially baby changers. The babychangers we offer are made from many different materials: Wooden changing stations, plastic baby tables, wall mounting changing-stations made from stainless steel (SS), aluminum or a combination of plastic and steel. Within our product range you will find baby-changers for mounting in the wall and also vertical and horizontal hinged changing-stations. What you will also find in our assortment are height-adjustable baby changing tables, nursery tables and nursery changing systems especially made and needed for nursing care in clinics and hospitals. We also offer a wide range of lightweight and robust plastic babychanger models for the hospitality industry and for private usage. Nurseries, indoor play areas, public establishments and companies in the healthcare sector are just a view of our customers. To demanding customers we recommend our wooden design models from ByBo Design. Online shopping at Hygieneprofi.biz & buying quality products for babies and children!

Our leading baby changing tables & children's furniture manufacturers are: ByBo Design, Babypoint, Bobrick, Koala, koalabear, koala kare products, Childwood, Childwheels, DanDryer, FRANKE, Foundations, Magrini, Pressalit, Roba Baumann, SSE Diaper Depot, Timkid en Vectair Systems

Application areas: Hospitality industry, restaurants, hotels, municipalities and public areas, children's playrooms, nurseries, health care sector, hospitals, catering industry, swimming pools, campgrounds and private usage.

Hospitality industry & Lifestyle

For the hospitality and catering industry, hygieneprofi.biz has built a very extensive online assortment over the years. We offer a wide range of ashtrays, wall-ashtrays and outdoor ashtrays. You will also find waste disposal and waste separation systems which we offer in all possible shapes and sizes. Another very wide range of products that we offer is that of the reusable tableware. Mainly you will find plastic dishware like plastic beermugs, wine glasses, plastic cups, plates and white beer glasses which are all virtually unbreakable because they are made out of special plastic. For outside areas we recommend our BBQ and grill devices, and of course you will also find firepits and outdoor fire chimneys which create a cozy atmosphere and warmth. Talking about warmth... we sertainly schould not forgot to mention our extensive range of radiant heaters, ideal for terraces, outside areas, balcony's and gardens. We offer many different models for ceiling mounting, mounting on sun loungers and parasols, wall-mounting, standing and portable models which are all easy and quickly ordered on Hygieneprofi.biz!   

Our manufacturers for Hospitality industry & Lifestyle: Casselin, Wrapmaster, Bobrick, Alda Mediclinics, G-Line, Marplast, Rossignol, MediQo-Line, Nappease, Graepel, Franke, Simex, IPC, Compass, Steiner, Dutch-Bins, Childwood, Tempesta, Schorm en Childhome. Our radiant heating system manufacturers are Heatlight, Outtrade and Solamagic

Hygiene products

Hygienedispensers, soapdispensers, toweldispensers, dispensing systems, dosing systems, disinfectant dispenser, soaps, disinfectant fluid, air fresheners, urinoir accessories, cleaning detergents, care products, cleaning carts and trolleys, UVC and ozon disinfection, hygienic paper and many more...

In our online shop you will find an incredibly diverse range of  hygienedispensers, soapdispensers, paper-towel dispensers, disinfection detergent dosing systems and much more... These products are suitable for many different needs, from private use, special models for the hospitality industry up to care, clinics and surgical purposes. The dispensers are available in different shapes and sizes. We also offer the different refills (soap, toilet paper, hygienic paper, disposable gloves, cleaning brushes, disinfectants). In this catergory you will find diffusers and air fresheners in all available shapes and sizes as well. These products are perfect for usage in toilets, the bathroom, kitchen or for catering and retail areas where fragrance marketing is required. Furthermore we offer accessories for urinals (screeners form Odorite, urinal stones, supplies for waterless urinals like products from Urimat and Ecobug). Another area where our focus lies is our cleaning and care product assortment. Here we offer a bio-cleaner for toilets, special urinal cleaners, bike cleaner, grease solvent and care products for professional kitchens, catering establishments and for private usage. From small bottles up to 5L canisters, and if needed, we can provide these in larger quantities and also per pallet shipment. And last but not least, we present to you our range of UV and ozon air disinfection systems. Air sterilization / disinfection at the highest operating levels. Especially suitable for food manufactures and laboratories. UV disinfection systems, hygiene-dispensers, air fresheners and air sterilization products, you order them easy and quickly in our online shop!

Our hygienedispensers manufactures: Dan Dryer, Marplast, Clean your seat, Ophardt, Unipaper, Clean Line, Bobrick, Metzger, Hyprom, Dentalbox, MediQo-Line, Gamar, Rossignol, Wings, Hartmann, Franke, Purell, MySpa and Sanmed

Sanitary equipment

Within our online range for sanitary equipment its about blow dryers, hair dryers for hotels and hairdryers for swimming pools, thermal baths, sauna, campsites and public facilities. Also, you will find handdryers in all possible shapes and sizes, with sensor, vandal-resistant models made of special plastic, SS or aluminium. Online you will find a comprehensive range of handryers and hotel hairdryers in different price- and performance levels. Our hairdryers such as those from DanDryer, the Rez Vendaval, Fumagalli or Franke you will come across in public pools, thermal baths, sauna, fitness studios and gymnasiums. Performance, user frequency, energy efficiency and a long lifespan are the demands from most customers, therefore you will find in our wide range of handdryers very high-quality handdryers from top-manufactures in all shapes and sizes. The Dyson Airblade dB, AB09, AB10, AB11, AB12 and AB14, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel or the Mediclinics Duaflow are current highlights within our product range and represent the latest generation of high-performing hand-dryers. Also available in our online shop and with a great demand, our wide selection of ladies hygiene products. We deliver ''practical products'' and especially made for the ''woman of today'' hygiene receptacles and various dispensers for the ladies bathroom made of special plastic, metal or brushed stainless steel.

Manufactures from our hairdryers, hotelblowdryers & handdryers: Dan Dryer, Rez, Dyson, Solis Clipper, Valera, Franke, Fumagalli, Casselin, Mediclinics, Mitsubishi, Marplast, Tryair, Sanicus, Bobrick, Wings, Favorit, PlastiQline, Premium Eco, Rossignol

Application areas: Hospitality and catering industry, hotel, swimming pools, gymnasiums, municipalities and public areas, wellness centre, campsites, large sanitary facilities, industrial company's and private households.

Insect control

Another point where our focus lies in our onlineshop is the subject of insect control. From practical anti-insect bracelets, gels and sprays for on the move up to high performance electric fly killers for industrial purposes and food manufacturers, or even the insect killer ATEX, an adhesive trap used in areas with risk of explosion. Also very effective UV adhesive glue traps with interchangeable parts for the hospitality and retail industry belongs to our bestseller items. As default it is like this: the odor in sprays and gels will keep the insects at bay, the devices are luring the insects with UV light and/or odors, the insect subsequently sticks to an adhesive sheet and is eliminated by a fan or power stroke. In addition to the devices in all prices and performance levels, we also offer the necessary accessories such as UV lamps, adhesive foil traps, scents and attractants. Our insect traps are made out of metal, stainless steel, special plastic or a combination of the above. Wall-mounting, ceiling-mounting, standing or hanging models, all for the fight against flies, wasps, mosquitos, moths and other flying insects! 

Our insect-killer manufacturers are: Insect-o-Cutor, Exocutor, ATEX, MO-EL, PestSenz, PandL Systems, Pelsis, PlusLight, iGu; Beloved models: Allure, Excalibur, Industrial, Liberator, PlusZap, Commercial FT, Halo Professional, Fan Turbine, Splashproof, Liberator, Flytrap, Satelite Design, Flypod, Aerosol, ATEX Categorie 3, Fan fly catcher 368G, 363G, 361 Basic, Insectivoro Kyoto 396

Application areas: Office, industrie, hospitality and catering industry, companies, retail areas, large professional kitchens, kitchen, hotels, appartments, snackbar, campsites, horse and private households.