Babies & Kids Furniture for Kids

Stable children's furniture & Co: Whether you need high chairs made of plactic, baby sleepingbox of wood, kids chairs or colorful play furniture. Order your beautiful children furniture now!


When dealing with children and babies you require special children's furniture. Which makes it easier for the little ones too, for example, sit at the dinner table and at the same time they contribute to a healthy development. As a hygiene professional we would also like to present to you suitable children's furniture, which are, when it comes to the used materials and surface structures, ideal for dealing with babies and children. These are easy to clean and extremely sturdy. In compiling our product range, we place great value on ergonomics, a beautiful design and maximum safety standards. We only work with reputable manufacturers like Koala and Childhome so we can ensure maximum quality. In addition, a competitive price is of course very important.     


Schrama Handels GmbH is the place for high-quality babies and kids furniture

Our product range includes an adjustable wooden baby highchair, lovely baby cribs up to an imaginative children's wardrobe and other various furniture. Several furniture and accessories are ideally suited for domestic use as well as for restaurants, hotels or in public areas. Discover our variety of baby & kids items on and at the same time you can take a look at our other categories which offer a very high diversity of products.