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In the hospitality industry the demands regarding hygiene are particularly high. In addition to the legal requirements, for responsible entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry it's of great most importance that when it comes to cleanliness, they present a stain-free appearance. We would like to ease your search for suitable products and have developed a seperat category specifically for the hospitality industry. As an expert with extensive experience in hygiene products we only present products of the highest quality. We work with reputable suppliers that meet our strict requirements. These are for example Dyson, Solamagic and Odorite. Many of our products regarding the hospitality industry are aligned to emphasize the personal lifestyle and to make everyday (working) life easier.


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An important aspect in the hospitality industry is to have decent kitchen equipment. Hygiene standards should absolutely not be neglected. With our comfortable hygiene accessories your kitchen will be reliable equipped and protected from germs and bacteria. From a compact glove dispenser, kitchen paperroll-dispenser up to a powerful dishwashing liquid, we have an appropriate solution for every need. Particularly we advise our non-contact adapters for taps, which enable an extremely hygienic working method. Appropriate mounting brackets for Aluminium and Co. make the working day more efficient. In addition to the kitchen hygiene, the waste disposal must not to be forgotten. We provide innovative systems for waste separation and waste disposal, so this will become a hygienic matter as well. Another topic is the hygiene around smokers. Cigarette butts and ash also must be disposed in a proper manner, so that they are not laying around in front of your establishment. We offer a wide range of stylish and robust ashtrays where you will surely find a suitable model.


In addition to our product assortment regarding hygiene, we offer many other products for the hospitality industry and lifestyle. In our shop you will also find outdoor fireplaces, BBQ Grill equipment, Patio Flame Torches, but also ironing systems or radiant heaters. LED and UV lamps, indoor and outdoor furniture and reusable dishware should not be missed. With these products you can make your kitchen equipment complete and you can also among others practically expand your outdoor or indoor interior.


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Besides the high quality of our products we would like to offer attractive conditions. For this reason, the Schrama Handels GmbH prices are calculated in a very competitive way, as well as the shipping costs, which we are trying to keep as low as possible. With our beautiful Hospitality industry & Lifestyle products you can simply put your individual catering equipment together or express your personal lifestyle.