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While the number of smokers is continuously dropping, the demand for ashtrays must not be underestimated. Whether it is about a hotel, restaurant, pool or bar, cigarette butts lying around is still a big problem. Butts and ashes lying around in the area gives a negative appearance and first impression. To make it easier for you to find the right ashtray that suit your needs, we made a separate categorie in our online store just for high quality indoor and outdoor ashtrays. We are specialized in the field of hygiene and sanitation, and therefore we would also like to express our specialization regarding this topic. We only add products to our product assortment which are convincing in terms of quality, functionality, cleanliness, design and safety. Many of our product's ensure a complete and easy removal of cigarette butts and ash, so the risk that they are lying around is absolutely minimized. Furthermore, for us it is very important to provide our customers with a wide range of possible choices. Whether it is a practical model for wall mounting, a luxurious stainless steel outdoor ashtray to give your business extra flair in the outdoor-area or a model for in the office, our product-range offers appropriate solutions for every situation. But of course we also have a lot of beautiful versions for domestic use. Schrama Handels GmbH offers very competitive prices, low international shipping costs and a very short delivery time.