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The functioning and use of the correct lighting in the hospitality industry and many other ranges is still underestimated. The fact is that when it comes to influence the buying sentiment / willingness to buy in a positive way, lighting plays a major role. In addition, in order to create a pleasant cozy atmosphere the lighting is essential, in fact the atmosphere is directly influenced by lighting. Only quests and customers who feel fine and judge their surrounding as pleasant are willing to buy a product and/or stay longer. With our assortment of LED & Lamps we offer a wide range of choice. Here, you will find first-class bulbs for your individual need(s).    


For companies but also for your home, you will find the right lamp at

When composing our product range we pay special attention on a high quality standard and clean finish. At the same time, regarding design and durability, we want our products to meet the highest demands. Only impeccable brand products form manufacturers such as Aurora are included in our product range. To make it possible to meet every need, we offer different types of LED and lamps. Whether you need a Solamagic light-board, which can be customized, dimmable LED lamps or swiveling spotlights at Schrama Handels GmbH you will find what you are looking for. All of our lamps are suitable for businesses but also for private use, for example when you want to give your living room the right lighting, you have come to the right place. Our prices and shipping charges are calculated very sharp, please take a look at our online-shop and see for yourself.