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The best kitchen items for the Hospitality industry & Lifestyle. From robust devices, refrigerated display cabinets up to practical hygiene-paper dispensers. Order your brand products now!


Before the quests in the hospitality-industry segment can be provided with tasty menus and culinary feats, the kitchen must be equipped with high quality devices and accessories. Only if the work area is well equipped, the required tools are within reach and from good quality, the kitchen staff can be successful. But also for the kitchen at home, equipment made from quality materials, devices and practical accessories are necessary to maintain the pleasure in cooking and that you can work your magic to provide your quests with the finest cuisine. We would like to assist you in establishing a luxurious and practical kitchen. As an expert with extensive experience in the hygienesegment, we have specialised ourself in brand-products with the highest quality standards. In our onlineshop you will only find high-quality items from reputable manufacturers like; Graepel Hightech, Dyson and Casselin.  


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Many of our items are subject to very strict quality demands. To be able to meet every need and different want, we, besides functionality, use of robust materials and durability put much value in offering you a complete and versatile range of products. We do not only provide in sausage cutting machines, commercial potato peelers or dishwashers, also accessories such as mixer taps, a glove dispenser or very stable cabinet storage systems are an important part of our product range. Since our hygiene-standard is very high, you will find service-friendly products with a perfect surface structure. In short, at Schrama Handels GmbH you will find, besides competitive pricing and low international shipping costs, high quality products for every application.