Hospitality & Lifestyle Reusable Tableware & Dishware

Practical reusable table & dishware for the Hospitality industry & Lifestyle: Whether it is about transparent cocktail glasses, colored cups, wine-glasses or stable dinner plates. Order your reusable dish & tableware here!  


Disposable tableware has its advantages, but you can definitely not describe it as environmentally friendly and sustainable. We want to oppose the throwaway society a bit and therefore we offer other possibilities. We have expanded our categorie Hospitality industry & Lifestyle with Reusable table & dishware. This involves e.g. stackable plastic cups, which can be used several times. Some of the products can even be washed in the dishwasher. And, the advantages of disposable tableware are also applicable to the reusable table & dishware, whether it is about small / large parties or events, reusable dish & tableware is very user-friendly and economical.    


No more fear of broken glass, by using high-quality reusable dinnerware form 

Especially for children's birthday parties but, of course also for the hospitality industry of utmost importance; No fear of broken glass, glass on the floor or glass what remains laying around in the garden at home between the tiles and/or grass. Injuries due to glass happens constantly, especially when there is drinking and partying involved. Please take this danger away by using high quality reusable dish & tableware. Ideal for birthday parties, various events or for daily use for example in the catering industry. For our choice; shape firmness, appearance and robustness are very important. Our offer includes a beautiful shaped white-beer glass, decorative espresso cups up to elegant wine glasses. We also have expanded our product range with accessories, for example transport boxes. Check out our well sorted webshop, and choose your high quality equipment for the next party or event. Schrama Handels GmbH offers very competitive prices and international shipping costs.