Hygiene Dispensers

Reliable and all kinds of hygiene dispensers: From a contactless soap dispenser, paper-dispenser up to a hygienic-bag dispenser. The best brand products, order now!


Hygiene-dispensers are indispensable in many industries like the hospitality industry and medical facilities. Whether it is about soap for daily usage at your workplace, your industry requires a high degree of hygiene or for public restrooms hygiene-items are needed. To simplify the search for the proper dispensing systems, we have a well-sorted product range with a large variety of choice. We only offer products from reputable brands such as; Marplast, Ophardt or Sensiiva. Therefore, you can rely on excellent quality products. Only dispensers that are convincing in terms of stability, materials used and operating convience are submitted to our product range. Please 'surf' around in our product range and find the models and items that will suit your needs. 


All types of dispensing systems at

In addition to simple, non-contact disinfectant dispensers which are ideal for medical facilities, you will also find a variety of design Marplast dispensers which are perfect to give that finishing stylisch touch to your sanitation facilities. Besides dispensers for liquids, you will also find beautifully designed towel-dispensers, paper towel-holders, female hygiene items, toiletpaper-dispensers and much, much more... Matching your dispenser, we also provide the appropriate hygiene-paper and of course you will find differrent kinds of soap. Large product range, competitive pricing and low international shipping costs are self-evident at Schrama Handels GmbH.