Aerosol Smell - Spray can - series Concept 270 ml

Balanced and luxurious fragrances. Lush fragrances are created by using high quality oils!

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Made up of five luxurious fragrances, the Concept range offers beautifully layered, balanced fragrances, using high quality oils to create sumptuous scents for your washroom and front-of house areas which continue to develop throughout the day.

Variety description:

A lively sweet fragrance, delivering a fruity kick of both tropical and citrus fruits. Bliss delivers a breath of tropical island air to washrooms and front-of-house areas

A fresh feminine fragrance, reminiscent of fresh linen. This delicate balance of spring like scents delivers a beautifully balanced refreshing perfume ideal for front-of-house areas.

A delicious refreshing fragrance, offering a rich eucalyptus base and a beautiful balance of sweet peppermint alongside sharp grapefruit and lemon scents. This blend of flavours creates a perfume ideal for use in front-of house areas as well as washrooms.

A tranqil blend of herbal fragrances associated with relaxation and calm, this fragrance delivers a combination of traditional camomile and lavender on a base of rich sandalwood, making it ideal for front-of-house areas as well as washrooms.

A base of rosemary, thyme and coriander is punctuated by sweet jasmine, to deliver a wonderfully soft herbal fragrance. This complex balance of intense herbal flavours is ideal for washrooms and front-of-house areas alike.

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  • Aviable in 5 fragrances
  • Luxurious and balanced fragrances
  • 270ml Kapacity
  • easy to use  - BIG effekt
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